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Get over 30 years of experience in executive & general recruitment on your side.

CV & Cover Letter for General Use


Get a quality CV and Cover Letter for general use.

  • Structuring
  • Preparation
  • Professional Results

CV & Cover Letter for Specific Position


Get a specific CV & Cover Letter for a Specific Use.

  • Evaluation
  • Structuring
  • Preparation
  • Professional Result

Career Advice with Behavioural Profile + CV & Cover Letter


1 Hour career advice via telephone, Skype or face-to-face.

  • One-on-one Consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Behavioural Profile Report
  • Career Advice Report
  • Includes CV
  • Includes Cover Letter
  • Professional Result

Note: CV & Cover letter for General Sse or for a Specific Position.


Who will coach me?

Pat Stewart will personally engage and assist you with your CV, Cover Letter, Career Advice and Behaviour Profile Reports.

Who is Pat Stewart?

Pat Stewart is the CEO of Anchor Executive Recruitment. Pat has over 30 years of experience in both Executive and General Recruitment in South Africa.

Why should I use Pat's services?

Pat has developed sound expertise in the marketing of candidates to clients and companies. She has extensive knowledge of what features are most relevant to clients in terms of assessment and suitability to job positions on offer.

In terms of outlining career experience and details for specific positions, there are proven techniques which highlight the most relevant features for your specific experience, and which make them more marketable to the position you want.

Will my CV help me get the job I seek?

It must be remembered that when sending your CV to an agency or directly to a client, you are competing against a high volume of credible candidates. It is therefore essential to put yourself forward in the most professional and relevant manner. Pat will help you stand out from all the other applicants.

What Career Advice will I get?

Pat will consult with individuals on their aspirations, skills, and experience, using a Behavioural Profile to assist in highlighting strengths and weaknesses, in relation to career options and possibilities. She will also give advice on how to market oneself to particular types of companies and areas of possible career opportunities.

What is a Behaviour Profile?

The Profile which Pat uses is a part of a Psychometric Analysis, which provides an insight into “HOW” a person carries out their duties in three different areas - (a) How their normal pattern of behaviour is seen by themselves. (b) How colleagues, managers, and subordinates would perceive the individual in the workplace and (c) How the individual works under pressure in comparison to the normal pattern and the perceived pattern of behaviour. This outline is particularly useful in the recruiting process to highlight certain areas which may not be applicable for certain styles of position. For instance, the Profile will identify a logical, systematic, patient style with a high attention to detail, which would be applicable to bookkeepers or people who have to do analytical, thorough research, but may not be suitable for a person who has to be very active, energetic, quick-paced and mobile as perhaps is required by a sales representative. One’s CV only indicates the places of work throughout a career, as well as the duties that the individual has carried out. However, it does not give any indication of “HOW” the individual will carry out the tasks and duties in relation to the prospective position. The profile is a document that does change over time, and what a person indicated five years previously, may not be what they portray in a current situation, as they may have developed a more confident style in that period through being in a more supervisory role. Therefore, this type of profile needs to be completed every three to four years, if used correctly, to supplement the information in a current manner. Behaviour is not likely to change radically within this term, but there can be subtle changes, which may not make a big impact.

Pat Stewart

Why Anchor Executive?

Anchor Executive is managed by Pat Stewart, a seasoned recruitment consultant for the SME and nonprofit sectors. Pat works one-on-one with organisations and job seekers to meet challenging human resources needs. If you are looking for properly vetted candidates then speak to Pat.
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